Market figures for Detached Homes in the Scarborough Bluffs for December 2021

Homes in Birchcliffe, Cliffside and Oakridge (E06):

Average price was $1,350,500 up 18% compared to December 2020. Sales (units) were 17, down 43% compared to December 2020.

Homes in Cliffcrest, Scarborough Village and Guildwood (E08) :

Average price was $1,374,273 up 3% compared to December 2020. Sales (units) were 22, up 10% compared to December 2020.

Note: Since the real estate figures released monthly by the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board are GTA wide and cover all home types including condos, above I break out the detached homes in the Scarborough Bluffs.

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Bluffs Detached Homes Update December 2021

Bluffs Home Update December 2021